D69 Factory for sale with certificate 4 (106) Nakhon Pathom, the size of the plant 4 rai 1 ngan 64 sq.w. Tel.062-6694225

Want to sell quick, crushing plant with 4 types of tires, type 106, correct size at the factory, 4 rai 1 ngan 64 sq.w. The size of the living space in the factory 450 square meters, width 30 meters, depth 15 meters, 2 rooms, 1 office room with 5 workers rooms with bathrooms in every room There is a 400KVa transformer and a machine for grinding rubber 25mesh. Complete set of machines from the beginning of the 8 CCTV production process covering the entire plant. Can start working There are people entering raw materials throughout and there are people to buy products immediately. The factory is located in Mueang District, Nakhon Pathom Province. Convenient for travel and transportation. Want to sell quick 12,000,000 baht

Interested contact: 062-6694225
Id Line: 54321jump
WeChat: hugkunna
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Code: FW102 | Price: ฿ 12,000,000
Nakhon Pathom, Kamphaeng Saen
-rai | -sqw | -sqm
2 | 6+ | 6+
340 ผู้เข้าชม
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